About Us

Principal Consultant

Trish Paterson, President and principal consultant at Blue Kite Consultants has over 18 years’ experience in the contact center industry and an absolute passion for it.

Trish appreciates the complexity, challenges and opportunities of managing contact centers and this is reflected in her participation and leadership in discussion forums, white papers and webinars.

Her technological acumen is only rivaled by her appreciation and understanding of the rapidly evolving business environment.

Trish's talent and skill lies in her ability to take complex issues, distill them down to their bare essence, identify opportunities, and present clear, actionable strategies that allow organizations to realize on their strategic and operational objectives.

Under-pinning her success is how she can take the 10,000 foot view and apply her observations to the "boots on the ground" operational level. Trish offers her solutions with a stark and innovative approach.

You can view her Webinars and Whitepapers on the Blue Kite Consultants website, including her recent article in Western Energy Magazine on Best Practices in Workforce Management: click here

Trish has earned a Six Sigma Greenbelt as well as PMP certification.

Sr. Business Analyst & TCPA Consultant

Abdo Rabadi is an accomplished trends watcher, business analyst and TCPA Consultant. Absorbed with understanding change, whether in society, business, technology or politics and the implications of change, is what brought Abdo to trends analysis. Through his professional and educational experiences, he has gained legal, technical and social knowledge that makes his interpretation of trends invaluable. Having lived in several nations, immersed in a multitude of cultures, he has a unique perspective from which to interpret world events.

Under-pinning his success is an innate ability to translate complex issues into understandable strategies. Abdo, an entrepreneur, with a proven record of accomplishments and 15 years of experience in the fluid telecommunication industry, spent a decade in the Great Lakes Region working for a major telecommunications provider servicing B2B and GEM accounts. Abdo holds a Juris Doctorate from Indiana University School of Law.