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TCPA Blues? Blue Kite offers insight and examples on "Business as Usual" under TCPA - Check out New Thinking

Welcome to Blue Kite Consultants

Blue Kite Consultants work with all levels of your organization to identify opportunities and develop detailed roadmaps to ensure you realize the benefits from them.

Our customer base is mid to large organizations and includes, government, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, and Fortune 500 companies. We want to share our extensive knowledge and experience with you.

Our Project Management practice focuses on deployment of cloud and premised-based contact center solutions. In the past 18 months we have led 3 large, multi-site cloud deployments in healthcare, government, as well as several premised-based upgrades, middle-ware development and IVR enhancement projects.

Our Consulting practice focuses on optimizing your technology investment and increasing your operational performance. We provide insight and best practices on: Call Center Technology; IVR & Skill-Based Routing; Inbound & Outbound Operations; Metrics & Reporting; Social Media; Trends Analysis; Gamification; Speech Analytics; Workforce Management; and Quality Management.

Most importantly, we stay with you - ensuring that the initial momentum is sustained, that your team remains engaged, and that your organization continues to move forward.

We offer services throughout the USA and Canada.


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    Contain Costs & Increase Predictability: The Benefits of Cloud for Government. View

    Workforce Optimization - Think Strategic, our white paper on how to leverage WFO in your strategic planning and execution. View

    Best Practices in Quality Management

    Our research leads us to many interesting places. We share with you here some of our own webinars and whitepapers – as well as those from the many industry experts.

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    & Events

    • An excellent article – perfect way to start one’s day. Analytics Lessons From The Homeless By Ray Rivera, Director, Solutions Management, Workforce Planning and Analytics, SAP View more
    • Interactions 2016 – June 6-9 @ Indianapolis, IN

      The age of linear thinking is over. True growth and industry disruption is the new normal, leaving you two choices. Be left in the past, or innovate.

      Come to INTERACTIONS 2016 to participate in insightful, visionary keynotes presented by industry leaders who give you a high-level overview of the communications industry so you can discover opportunities for alignment and success.

    • ACCE Conference & Expo.

      Long Beach, CA - May 10-13, 2016 RISE OF THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE The customer experience has overtaken price and product as the key brand diff erentiator. As customers increasingly seek service in channels such as self-service, chat, and social media, they’ve gained control over where, how, and with whom they’d like to do business. This shift places an increased emphasis on contact center and requires leaders to align their people, processes, and technologies to provide truly personalized interactions.

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