Our Services

Blue Kite Consultants offer the following services:

Where to allocate your budget and resources, what are the up-coming technologies, how will your customers want to interact with you or your AI Chatbot. These are all key considerations for a successful business model. Our workshops are designed to engage your team with an easy to digest encapsulation of the ever-evolving business, social and technology landscape.

We strongly believe that IVR and automated phone systems form the customer’s first impression of an organization and contribute, often the lion’s share, towards that customer’s effort when they try to interact with an organization. The frustration experienced by many customers leaves the agents to smooth things over and increases handle time. More importantly, most IVR’s create a “vanilla” impression for consumers – all companies sound alike – the vibrancy, passion and brand of any organization is lost in the all-too familiar prompts, hold messages and button presses. Our mission is to change that. Our innovative design concepts leverage current technology and we are confident will build your brand, provide consistency between your web channel and your phone channel and result in a significantly improved customer experience and reduced operational costs.


The technology optimization workshops take a deep dive into your organization with your contact center central to it. They start with discovery sessions where opportunities and priorities are identified and finish with an assessment and associated recommendations, 18 month roadmap and detailed action plan.

Through on-site observations, interviews with key organizational stakeholders and a review of your customer facing channels (IVR, Web, interaction routing treatments) we will identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses, determine where you can achieve immediate gains with your current technology investment and what further technology investment should be considered to increase your organizations profitability and meet your strategic and operational objectives.


With 17 years’ experience in Workforce Management - managing Contact Centers from 15 to 3500 agents – in industries ranging from Insurance, Telecommunications, Utilities, Hospitality and Financial, including union and non-union, public and private sector - you can leverage our experience.

We offer consulting services and workshops on Forecasting, Strategic Planning, Scheduling, Real-Time Management, Metrics and Reporting. In a world of do more with less – this service offers valuable practices and insights into how to get more from your key resource – your agents.

Our Workforce Management Assessment examines the key areas of your organization that impact, and are impacted by, your workforce management strategy.

We start with an extensive review of your organization from a workforce management perspective. We deliver a comprehensive written assessment of your current workforce management environment, processes and practices and provide a roadmap that will guide your workforce management program to meet or exceed your business objectives.

For those completely new to Workforce Management we can assist you with identifying your requirements, preparing and assessing responses to RFP’s, vendor selection and we’ll stay with you right through implementation.


Quality is the cornerstone of customer experience. We all know that quality is essential to contact center success. Achieving real improvement, however, is no simple task. Technology and processes together can ensure your center is continually measuring and increasing quality.

Aligning your Quality Program with your organizations operational and strategic objectives is the key to it and your organization's success. Our consulting services and workshops on Quality Management will take your Quality Program to the next level. We'll cover everything from when/what to review, how to measure, frequency of reviews, calibrating with yourselves and your customer.


Gamification is no longer a tool solely for video game makers. Organizations everywhere are revolutionizing the way they do business. Top organizations are motivating, encouraging, engaging, even recruiting, not only their employees but their customers as well. These organizations use gamification - a powerful, yet enjoyable, instrument - to solve difficult real world issues and achieve remarkable results. Blue Kite can assist your organization in learning how to leverage this technology, that is as much art as science, to deliver results and increase your organizations profitability.